Remove Comment Author Link in WordPress

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Do you want to hide or disable comment author link in WordPress? You know many wordpress blog webmaster wants to remove or auto disable commenter’s url which is add their blog visitor by using wordpress blog’s comment form Url fild.  Though wordpress comments all the links are added by default auto Nofollow. But webmaster are wants that any visitor cannot go out of their blog by clicking other one’s website link/url. Use Hide Comment Author Link plugin and easily disable comment author url from your WordPress site.

Remove Comment Author Link

Hide Comment Author Link plugin removes all hyperlinks from comment author name. This plugin will strip all links from commenter names wherever they may appear throughout your site’s theme.

Just simply install Hide WordPress Comment Author Link plugin and it will be automatically disable your all comment author url.

Free Download from Get Hide Comment Author Link

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Remove Comment Author Link in WordPress
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  1. Shawn says

    I just found your plugin and it seems to be working great in WP 4.2.4.

    But I have a question – is there any easy way to allow admin author links in comments?

    Thanks either way – really appreciate your free plugin!


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