Really Simple Guest Post for WordPress

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Looking for wordpress guest post plugin? Use Really Simple Guest Post Plugin and allow your visitors to submit posts without registration (as a guest author). Anyone will be able to submit post and it will be added automatically as pending post. After reviewing you will be decide which posts approved for publish and which are rejected. Submitted posts will be included with author name, email address, author url, post title, description and keyword tags.

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Use simple short-code [mag-simple-guest-post redirect="URL" author="username"] (URL= Put your selected page/post url to redirect after form submit. Author= confirm your selected author username) inside page or post content to show guest posting form.

guest post

All Features:

  • Really Simple Guest Post Plugin will create a form where your guests can submit their posts.
  • Posts will be directly saved into WordPress database and will show up in Admin Dashboard as pending post with given Title, Description, Category and Tags.
  • Moderator will be able to review and approve them as needed.
  • Authors Name, Author url and email will be added as custom field.
  • So simple and user friendly

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Note: Please read full description for better use.
Really-Simple-Guest-Post-Plugin 1


1. Upload `` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard.

Nice!!! Plugin upload and activation have been completed!!

More User Guide

Create a new page/post with the name “Really Simple Guest Post” or whatever you like best.

If you don’t want to use custom redirect url or author then use this shortcode [mag-simple-guest-post] into the page/post and publish it. It will publish post under admin and redirect will be to homepage.

If you think this plugin is really helpful for you then give a 5 star review to say thanks.

Need Pro Installation Support?

Price: $10

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Really Simple Guest Post for WordPress
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  1. Martin Beaudin-Lecours says

    With WordPress 4.1, your plugin seems broken : it doesn’t save the category. Maybe it’s the way the array is made? A new bug of WordPress 4.1? My version of PHP is 5.2.17

    • Martin Beaudin-Lecours says

      Sorry, I forgot to write “with a custom content and custom taxonomy”. A detail! 😉

      My bad, surely. Your plugin works well as is.

      I should have asked “how do you alter the form, or what shortcode to use, for a custom content and custom taxonomy”?

      • Team Editor says

        Hello Martin Beaudin-Lecours, Thanks for your comment and understand that this plugin working well. I’m really sorry to say that there’re no custom shortcode for custom taxonomy. If you want to add anymore option then you should use custom installation support.

        • Martin Beaudin-Lecours says

          Thanks for your answer and your plugin. I found a way to do what I want (with tax_input).

          • Team Editor says

            Great! Stay with us :)

  2. Shan says


    I checked out the doc, its cool to use this Plugin. But i am expecting that, i want to Insert my own Field.

    For eg: Inside the post content box, i want to add Extra inputs from the users.

    Is it possible to give our own text boxes to get more input. Let me know.


    • WPthorp says

      @Shan, You can do it but it’s not easy to do if you’re not clear about code. I didn’t add admin consol to manage all in dashboard. If you want to add extra field then add extra text field and verify it to another file. Or if you let me know details what you want to add then i can help out.

  3. psybi says


    Is it posible to add a category inside the shortcode?
    I would like to have a single page with one category, and another page with the other category, so people don’t have to sellect the category themselfs.
    Something like: [mag-simple-guest-post redirect=”URL” author=”username” cat=”4″]

    • WPthorp says

      Yes, you can add this shortcode. Thanks!

  4. Henk Verdienen says

    Its a good plugin but it does need some updates. Great job anyway.

    • WPthorp says

      @Henk, Actually we didn’t get free time to update this plugin. We’ve some idea to improve more this plugin and will be added soon. Stay with us… :)

  5. Wayne says

    Integrating a captcha into your plug-in?

    I use Slider Captcha and it generates custom PHP, Java or Short code to insert the captcha into forms.

    Would it be possible for you to add a method of inserting custom code into your plugin form (just before the end form tag) so captcha can be added without editing your plugin?

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Yes, We can use this function for captha. Can you send us code then we can review it.

  6. Sarah says

    Thanks for this plug-in. I have it as a page for guest posts. I entered [mag-simple-guest-post ” author=”username”]. However, if my guest is posting and is not logged in — the username does not come up, so when I view the post to publish, there is no author assigned to the post.

    What I want is for the author’s name and email address to be visible in the post. How do I do that?

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Thanks for your commnet. Author name and email will not come up on post. This option is for asign posted article to someone already there like admin. So if you input author name admin that means that post will be asinged to admin account. I think you have got the point. :)

  7. Horby says

    Plugin is excellent and easy.
    how i can add captcha?

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Thanks! To add captcha there need to add some custom code with this plugin. But Right now it’s safe. I think no need to use captcha because posting is much secure now.

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